Try a Soup Cleanse For a Detox That Lets You Eat


For when you want to detox but actually enjoy food, try a soup cleanse.

If you’re like me, then you enjoy food and eating and all that good stuff. But from time to time, I’ll get an idea about detoxing like a juice cleanse, particularly in summer months before an upcoming trip. I’ve tried various cleanses like juicing and even the Master Cleanse, which consists of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water…sounds delicious, right? Needless to say, I’ve reached a point of detox and juicing maturity where I incorporate these things as a balance to a healthy diet, as opposed to a restrictive extended cleanse. This works for me. I know everyone is different, but I’m pretty much always hungry and really love eating. Keeping this in mind, you can imagine my thoughts when I first heard about a new soup cleanse.

This soup cleanse apparently lasts for between 10-20 days and helps you dial in your appetite and healthy eating. I hopped onto the site of a company called Soupure, to scour around and was pretty impressed with what I found. For the first time, this cleanse was actually telling you to continue eating your regular meals. Hmm what’s the catch? And how does this help you re-think portion control?


How It Works.

On the soupureย website, I followed the link to a promo called “Summer Slimdown” which promises to be a “simple and easy way to shed body fat.” For $270, you get a soup cleanse kit of 24 different soups. They had flavors like kale minestrone, japanese sweet potato, bone broth, and lentil chickpea. This seemed harmless enough…

The cleanse works by incorporating 2-3 soups each day, into your regular meals. This means drinking the soups before you have your regularly scheduled food programming. Hmmm that seemed like a lot, but again, was up for the challenge to “shed body fat” by eating. They had a 10 or 20 day slimdown program option and because of the over achiever I am, I chose the 10 day. I was pretty excited to check this out.

It Arrived.

After a day of shipping the soups arrived in a chilled box. I opened it and couldn’t believe how much soup I was about to consume for the next 10 days. Unlike with other cleanses, I was actually concerned about how I would be able to eat this much food on top of what I already eat.


Turns out, I love soup! I mean, I always knew I liked tortilla soup (who wouldn’t, it’s filled with cheese and deliciousness), but with this soup cleanse I was opening my tastebuds to a new world of flavors. Strawberry Sprouted Cashew?! Who would think to put strawberries into a soup? Soupure… that’s who. And guess what, I loved it. At times, it was a challenge to finish the soups in addition to a whole plate of food I’d prepared for me and my boyfriend (he wasn’t the biggest proponent of my new soup addiction). I began to see how the soup cleanse aided in detoxing you from regular solid foods but never made me feel deprived.


As the 10th day neared, I was pretty grateful because 10 days is a long time to eat soup before almost every meal. However, I lost 3lbs, my stomach felt flat and de-bloated, and my energy was much more even. I found I wasn’t hitting my typical afternoon slump that usually had me reaching for coffee. Comparing this to a typical “cleanse” from juice or other restrictive diets, my experience was by far the best from the soup cleanse. I also found that 10 days after the cleanse ended, I was still lighter and more energetic vs a juice cleanse where you typically gain the weight back immediately. My skin felt like it was clearing up, but then again I have been sticking to a much stricter skin routine as of late.


I was a big fan of these guys. Everything arrived on-time, fresh, and was really tasty. My favorites ended up being: Zucchini Basil, Carrot Ginger Tumeric, and the bone broth.

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