Here's How to Stop Thigh Chafe Once and for All


How do you solve chafing thighs in the summer heat? We have your best options right here.

Summer is here. The hot sticky and sweatiness signals that it’s time to strut in minimal clothing. But if you’re like me, the combination of the elements plus thigh bearing clothing equals the worst part of summer…thigh chafe.

Once my thighs start rubbing together, everything gets uncomfortable pretty quickly. We all know that feeling and boy is it terrible. With each step, I am reminded that yes I am wearing short shorts and maybe today wasn’t the best day for it. It’s like wearing heels one size too small, but only realizing this once you’ve walked 4 blocks from home. AKA there is no backup plan. Ducking into the nearest cafe for short bursts en route to our destination is the only way of keep the thigh chafe at bay.

It wasn’t until a recent and excessively humid day, that I decided to do a bit of digging to look for a solution. Apparently applying deodorant on the inner parts of the thighs can help with chafe, but doesn’t always work or last very long (damn you sweat!). And forget about bike shorts because adding another layer is just not an option. Thankfully, this babe from The Cut tried every possible product she could get her hands on to prevent chafing thighs and even ranked them by sexiness. Now that’s hot.  

Here are some of our top picks:

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands – $17.95, Amazon

These thigh bands have much less fabric to wear than bike shorts, and dare I say, more of an X-Factor? You can still feel a bit of rubbing, but it’s not unpleasant…rather lacey. These bands even have non-slip silicon to hold them up! You need to position them exactly where your thighs tend to chafe in order for them to work, but then you’re golden.

Skin Slick Anti-Chafe Spray

Skin Slick Anti-Chafe Spray – $10.99, Amazon

This did the job but the longer I kept it on, the more I could feel the spray itself. It’s comparable to wet hairspray applied between your legs, so a tad sticky. Again, this experience can be totally subjective. It didn’t stain my clothes either, so that was cool.

Gold Bond Friction Defense, Unscented

Gold Bond Friction Defense, Unscented – $9.50, Amazon

This anti-friction stick is definitely for the athletes who want a scentless solution. It’s best used for short bursts of sweaty activity as it seemed to wear off towards the end of the day. I didn’t mind quickly re-applying before heading off, though. Easy, fast, and compact for my purse!

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder
Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder – $8.72, Amazon

At first glance, this looks like a gag gift because of it’s hilarious packaging. Don’t worry, this powder contains calamine, which stops itching and soothes rashes. It also keeps everything clean, sweat-free and chafe-free. Awesome.

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