Check Out These Women For Fitness Inspiration

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This is a guest post provided by contributor Vanessa Wilkins. You can follow her on Instagram and see more of her work via her website.

Meet 7 women who will give you major fitness inspiration as well as tips for building the booty of your dreams.

It’s been 25 years since Sir Mix-a-Lot gave us the phrase “Baby Got Back,” and it couldn’t be more relevant (or acceptable in mainstream society) than it is today. Having a big booty has garnered widespread attention in pop culture, becoming not only a trend but also powering a body positivity movement for women.

However, this so-called “trend” has actually been culturally relevant for centuries, especially within the black community. So if you’re looking for “belfie” fitspiration on social media, flip past Jen Selter, and take a look at these powerhouse female trainers of color. From up-and-coming trainers to established fitness all-stars, these women are kicking butt (pun intended) when it comes to working out and building a nice perky booty.

Follow these social media stars for tips on for toning your glutes as well as embracing an overall healthy lifestyle.

1. Kelsi Dean – The Newcomer


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Kelsi Dean wants to be your “personal fitness assistant.” Her brand is centered on body positivity and we love that. She takes you on a fitness journey instead of just a “quick-fix.” Check out her workout guides, clean eating tips and motivational posts on her Instagram.

2. Hannah Fallis Bronfman – The It Girl


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Hannah Bronfman has made quite the name for herself in the health and wellness world. The 29-year-old DJ and influencer is the Founder of HBFit, which features her take on health and wellness as well as her favorite recipes and workouts. Bronfman’s feed is filled with training classes, healthy recipes, and skin care savers. Her 300,000+ following can all agree that she is the “it girl” when it comes to health and wellness.

3. Traci Copeland – The Teacher


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Traci Copeland is a New-York based Nike+ Training Club Master Trainer, and a major force to be reckoned with. Copeland uses the concrete jungle as an arena for a diverse array of workouts, keeping fitness fresh and fun. Traci’s Instagram is filled with workout clips, fitness class offerings, and of course, plenty of Nike kicks.

4. Massy Arias – The Veteran


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Massiel “Massy Indhira Arias” is a certified personal trainer and essentially the Mecca of fitspiration on social media. The Los-Angeles based trainer has devoted her life to teaching men and women the value of living a healthy and active lifestyle. She is followed by a whopping 2.3 million people on Instagram, where she shares eating tips, her workouts, and adorable pictures of her baby daughter Indi.

5. Lita Lewis – The Mogul


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Trainer Lita Lewis started sharing her fitness journey on Instagram as a type of “open diary.” As her following grew, she saw the opportunity to start a business, aptly named, the Lita Lewis Brand. Now, with over 400,000 followers on social media, this Brooklyn-based trainer leads boot camps nationwide spreading her passion for fitness.

6. Jeanette Jenkins – The All-Star


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Founder and President of “The Hollywood Trainer,” Jeanette Jenkins is a fitspo and wellness icon. Her extensive clientele includes elite athletes such as World Champion Serena Williams, and Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, as well as singers such as P!nk and Kelly Rowland, and actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Nia Long. Jenkins’ feed is filled with photos of her workouts, healthy meals, and motivational quotes.

7. Elisabeth Akinwale – The Champ


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A former competitive gymnast and CrossFit queen, Elisabeth Akinwale is a major girl crush. With numerous CrossFit Games under her belt, she has earned herself two consecutive North Central Regional crowns. Her nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram watch Elisabeth’s feed for workouts, health tips, and photos of her adorable family.

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