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We created a FREE bloom workout guide featuring motivation tips, an exercise routine, and intro to clean eating. Read more below or download it right now for free!

If you have been looking to start a new routine or change up your current one, our free guide is perfect. We highlight 3 areas to start with that will set you on the right track. Our free workout guide includes 6 tips for motivation, a 16-minute exercise routine, as well as an introduction to clean eating. Read below and then download our free workout guide!

1. Motivation


Studies have shown that dopamine is the chemical in our brains that regulates motivation. Dopamine is used as a “reward system” that pushes us to work through tough things that may not be the most pleasurable. This could be a workout, studying for a test, or working on a large project at the office. For some though, dopamine does not release the same way as for others, which can affect overall motivation. It’s sometimes the reason why trying to stick to a workout, eating healthy, etc…can feel so tough.

The key to motivation is more than just thinking about doing something, but rather it often requires forming new habits, a little help from friends or accountability buddies, as well as tracking progress to see results. This can actually help your body produce more dopamine and over time, may even increase your natural motivation. In our free workout guide, we have outlined 6 different ways to stay motivated even when you feel like giving up. Download it here.

2. Exercise


Exercise is key to building muscle and keeping an overall healthy and well functioning body. If you are at the beginning of your journey, it’s important to begin slowly and not overdo any physical activity. This can help prevent injury and also ensure you are keeping the proper form during each exercise.

By doing 30 minutes of physical activity each day (or even 4-5 days per week), you can increase overall energy, mood, as well as boost fat loss. In our free workout guide, we outline a 16-minute workout that is challenging for any level. Download it here.  

3. Clean Eating


When it comes to fat loss and improving your performance during exercise, what you put into your body is extremely important. Clean eating has been highly recommended by many doctors and nutritionists as a way to reduce the intake of sugar, salt, and other things that have been shown to increase fat production and other harmful diseases. In our free workout guide, we outline a quick guide to getting started on a clean eating diet. Download it here. 

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