Why You Need to Launch Your Side Hustle Now


The economy is changing, and we’re all feeling the effects. According to life coach and bestselling author, Susie Moore, by 2020 approximately 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancers, and nearly one-third is already earning income through a side hustle — a passion hobby that becomes an additional revenue source.

“I didn’t always know how to launch my business from scratch using just my evenings and weekends,” Moore says in her free online mini workshop. She founded the Side Hustle Prep School to share what she’s learned.

Moore is an ardent mover (from England to Sydney to New York without any connections— people connections, that is, not flights) who managed to shake up the business world as an NYU dropout.

She went from not knowing anyone in New York to earning an upwards of 500k by the age of 30, as a Fortune 500 Sales Director to landing the debut of her first book, What If It DOES Work Out? at the top of Amazon’s Women & Business list, and leaving her 9-5 for her own fully-booked one-on-one coaching service.

Now, in her network of friends, Moore includes two people who bring in six-figures teaching others how to knit, and a start-up that she helped sell for some $405 million. She started her own side hustle, by the way, with zero dollars.

“I was bogged down with busy work and not in control of my time, but I needed the security of my income,” Moore says of her then-day job.

“I grew up with nothing… on welfare… So as long as I can remember, I’ve known it’s important to respect money and not take it for granted. But I still dreamt of one day having control over my schedule and to live my purpose here on earth.”

Moore’s since helped hundreds through courses like Get a Raise in 30 Days and Five Minutes to Fame. Most importantly, however, she teaches how to diversify your portfolio by investing in yourself.

“It’s a completely risk-free gateway to the life you want,” she says.

Click here to check out Susie Moore’s free mini workshop to start your own side hustle.

Photos courtesy of Susie-Moore.com and Instagram.com/susie.moore


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